What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual assessment of the condition of a home, conducted by a home inspector. The inspector will walk throughout the home and look for any damage, and note repairs that are needed. They will create a report that will be passed on to their client and/or real estate agent, which can be used to aid the buyer in the decision-making process. Most financial institutions require inspections before granting a loan.

Why do some inspectors only provide a one page report, but you provide nearly 25?

We cannot provide an answer as to why some inspectors only provide one page; however, we can say that we do provide a very detailed report. Our inspector will exam the home from footer to roof and everywhere in between. He will then generate a report that covers every aspect of that examination. Noted on our report will be any items that need attention and there will be multiple pictures throughout the report as well. Our goal is to make sure the buyer has all the information available to them so they can feel confident in making the right decision for their future.

How long does the average inspection take?

Our general home inspections generally take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the home and what, if any, additional tests were ordered. A water or radon test would typically fall within this time allowance, but a septic test may take an additional 45 minutes.

What services are included in the general home inspection?

Our general home inspection includes a thorough examination of the home, including all electrical, plumbing and heating aspects, the foundation and the roof. It also includes a visual mold test and a visual pest inspection.

Are the inspectors certified?

Yes, our inspectors are certified through InterNachi Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Better than that is the experience that comes along with that: our inspectors have over 20 years of experience in this field. When they walk through a home they are looking with eyes that have seen thousands of homes, so our clients can feel confident that our inspectors know what to look for. Our customers and their future are our #1 priority.