I found myself performing a home inspection on the outer edge of a populated upscale shopping village in a quaint little suburb. It was a modest split-level home, built in 1964, where the majority of the people who live there are as mature has the solid pin oak trees that surround them. Much of the home was still in the original condition as when it was built with only a few updates and or upgrades. But as I walked around the house there was one feature of this home that stood out to me. This home, as many others from this time-period, had been equipped with an intercom system. There were hubs throughout the home: upstairs in the hallway, by the front door, in the kitchen, speakers on the exterior of the home front and back along with the basement.

Typically, during a general home inspection, these types of systems are not mandated to be tested; however, in explaining the system to the new young home buyers I decided to give it a whirl. To my amazement it still worked. I caught myself off guard because the more I thought about it I wondered why I was amazed that is still worked. You see, during this era there was a different mindset than there is today. Those building homes during this time-period were part of what we now call our greatest generation. Many had gone and fought for this great nation and then came home to start a life of their own. They valued their freedom, they valued their family and took great pride in creating a home for that family. Materials I find in these homes built during this era have seemed to last the test of time. Products, homes & services were performed with quality in mind not quantity. There was a depth to their understanding of value that I think many of us miss today. I’ve inspected many homes built in this time-period and I always walk away with the same humble appreciation for the mindset and quality that I have found in them. Almost all these homes are original, and some even still have the original appliances that still work. Many still have the same wall coverings intact. Many still have the beautiful hardwood floors that only need a minor refinishing. This just isn’t the workmanship that we find in today’s disposable world.

Many of our clients note that these homes need updating and are hesitant to purchase the home because of it. Every chance I have I take the opportunity to share with them all of the wondrous features that I have found. I encourage them to consider that these original materials and equipment still being present in these homes shows the importance of quality over quantity. It shows the importance of value over cost. And this is why I will take the opportunity to share my respect for this generation for all that they have done every chance I have.

So that’s my story…